Immune Boosting tips and products, provided by Janet Wrege, LAc, ND and Carola Stepper, LAc, RN retired

This is Carola’s daily routine:

  • 8 or more hours of sleep
  • Meditation, stretching
  • On an empty stomach: 1 tall glass of warm water with a teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar (raw, unfiltered)
  • Morning shake to take her supplements (all of which are available at Cascade Acupuncture Center): 
  • Supplements, all of which are available at Cascade Acupuncture Center:                      
  • Tibetan Herbal Foot Soaks, x2/3 week to boost her immune system, help with stress, sleep and any aches.
  • In order to get ½ her body weight in oz to stay hydrated she cooks a large thermos with licorice and kava tea in the morning and makes sure she finishes it.
  • Organic fresh fruits and veggies and organic poultry as much as possible with the help of Local Rhoots and Farm Stand in the Gorge. (No gluten, dairy, soy, nightshades, low sugar, no caffeine, no alcohol, as she is working on healing an autoimmune disease and this decreases inflammation)
  • 45-90 min of outdoor walking (often while talking on her phone to friends!)

Janet Wrege, LAc, ND recommends the following:

This information is intended for educational purposes and is not a substitute for medical care.

This is not intended to prevent, treat, or diagnose COVID-19

Always consult with your doctor before any changes to your medications.

Supplements and Herbs for Immune support:

  • It is not recommended to take or purchase all of these. They are all listed to provide options, as availability is limited and unpredictable. 
  • Doses are general guidelines for adults and not medical advice
  • Always consult your doctor before taking new supplements or herbs, and check for drug interactions
  • General recommendation is 5-10 of most relevant or available choices, as directed by your doctor

* symbol used to designate my top choices

The following supplements and herbs support the immune system, and increase the  integrity of the mucous membranes throughout the body. Your mucous membranes are the first line of defense against pathogens. Keeping mucosa cell walls strong, can reduce the ability for viruses and other pathogens to enter. Some supplements are getting hard to find, but you can look for food sources and be creative. 

  • *Vitamin D: 1,000 IU/day taken w food, Immune system modulator, anti inflammatory, prevents excessive expression of inflammatory cytokines
  • *Vitamin A: 10,000 IU/ day taken w food, Immune system modulator; consult with your doctor first if there is any chance you can get pregnant
  • *Vitamin C: 500 mg 2 x per day, Collagen synthesis, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, immune enhancing, antiviral
  • *Probiotics and /or fermented foods: dose variable, depending on preparation method and brand

The following are herbs and supplements that support the immune system and have broad spectrum antiviral properties: dose are variable, depending on preparation method and brand

(It is not recommended to take all of these nor to purchase all of these. They are all listed to provide options, as availability seems unpredictable)

  • Garlic: Raw garlic that has been crushed and left to sit for 5-10 minutes releases the highest concentration of Allicin (the most studied antiviral compound in garlic)
  • Lemon balm: tea or tincture
  • *Zinc: 30 mg 2x per day (take after meals to avoid nausea) Inhibits viral replication 
  • Quercetin: 500-1000 mg/day.   Dietary sources: Apples and onions, Inhibits viral attachment and replication,anti-inflammatory, antioxidant
  • Green Teaor EGCG:, Inhibits viral attachment and replication, antioxidant
  • Licorice: Tea

The following Supplements are NOT recommended during an acute COVID-19 Infection:

It is not recommended to take herbs with strong immune stimulating actions if you think you may have a COVID-19 lung infection. Echinacea, elderberry, and astragalus can be useful for prevention, but should be discontinued during active infection to avoid potentially increasing inflammatory cytokine release from your own immune system

  • *Elderberry: (berry and flower blend is ideal), Inhibits viral attachment and replication. Synergistic w green tea (meaning, their properties are enhanced when you have both)
  • Astragalus: tincture or capsules, Traditionally used to prevent pathogens from entering cells. 
  • Echinacea: tincture or tea. Immune stimulating and antiviral.


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