• How do I schedule an appointment?

    • For your first appointment please call any of our clinics or visit us in person during business hours. For subsequent appointments you may also request a username and password and schedule your own appointments
  • Do I need a doctor’s referral?

    • Generally no referral is needed, the only exceptions are Worker’s Comp. claims and Pacific Source Community Solutions, which administers the Acupuncture benefits for OR Medicaid.  Please call us for a free consultation and we will give you all needed information. Most clients simply call us to set up their first appointment, whether they have insurance or not.
  • Should I consult with my doctor first?

    • You may, but this is not a requirement, except see the question above.  We receive  referrals from many local provider on a regular basis.  We will send a letter to your doctor unless you ask us not to send one.We believe in good communication in the interest of your best health.
  • How long are the appointments?

    • The initial Acupuncture Visit lasts 90 minutes if you have your initial intake form filled out prior to the visit. Subsequent Acupuncture visits last 60 minutes,  Allergy Elimination visits 60-70 minutes, Happy Hour Acupuncture 40 minutes and a free consultation with a mini Acupuncture treatment 45 minutes.
  • What do I wear?

    • Wear loose fitting pants, so we can easily access your lower legs as well as your forearms for your Acupuncture treatments. In our clinics we use a very effective style of Acupuncture where we only needle the arms and legs, so you will never have to disrobe in our clinics.
  • What if I need to cancel my appointment?

    • Please call us as soon as possible as our schedules are often booked and last minute cancellations prevent other clients from coming into our clinics for needed pain relief treatments.  We request 24 hour notice for cancellations. Each client can miss one appointment or cancel with less than 24 hour notice, after that our missed visit fee is $27.50.  We do not charge in case of emergencies, winter road conditions or if the client has a fever.
  • What can I expect during my first visit?

    • Please see here for information on your Acupuncture visit.
  • Can I get an appointment the same day I call?

    • Please do call us! Our Office and Acupuncturists team always try our best to fit you in with short notice. Some days this might mean a same day appointment in one of our clinics which many not be as close to you as the one you will schedule your future appointments at.


  • What is Acupuncture?

    • Acupuncture is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) technique over 3000 years old. It involves the insertion of very fine sterile, disposable needles at specific points in the body to work with the energy and blood flow and support the body’s ability to heal itself. This is usually painless and without side effects. Clients find the treatments deeply relaxing, very enjoyable and look forward to receiving them. Many Acupuncture treatments have additional benefits of reduced stress, overall relaxation, improved sleep, energy and mood.
  • How does Acupuncture work?

    • We are not aware of the one definitive answer which researchers have found. Most likely it works because there are many reactions going on at once involving different systems, including the central nervous system,  which allow Acupuncture to have such wide, strong and lasting effects. This can be seen by people predictably being eased out of the “fight or flight” response (sympathetic) into the “rest and recuperate” state (parasympathetic) once needles are placed during a treatment. Researchers found that the body produces measurable amounts of endorphins (natural ‘pain-killing’ chemicals) when receiving Acupuncture. They help with pain and depression, boost the immune system and support relaxation.Others think that Acupuncture increases the blood flow in the areas of the body which need healing – good circulation is the basis of healing anything.One other, more esoteric thought is that Acupuncture supports the body’s own ability to heal itself.
  • Does it hurt?

    • The Acupuncture treatments typically do not hurt. Occasionally there is a brief pinching sensation as the needles are inserted, but this subsides quickly. Some of our clients call this a “spicy” sensation. With the needles in place, clients may feel pressure, tingling, aching, or a heavy sensation.  As long as this is transient, it is a desired response; it means the body is responding to the treatment and energy is moving. It is not expected to be uncomfortable or painful. If clients experience any sustained pain or discomfort, they are asked to let their Acupuncturist know immediately. We can always adjust or remove any needle, our goal is for our clients to rest comfortably during their treatments.
  • Do you treat infertility?

    • Yes, we do, see here.
  • Do you treat children?

    • Yes, the majority of our pediatric clients are seen for Allergy Elimination. All children need parental consent and need to want to receive Acupuncture. I they are younger than 8 years we would simply insert a needle very briefly and remove it immediately, then insert the next needle and so on. Children older than 8 years can typically retain the needles like adults. Any child or teenager who does not want to get Acupuncture, can get Acupressure instead.
  • How many treatments will I need?

    • Initially we typically suggest a short treatment plan of twice per week for two weeks, then we do an evaluation to  establish the client’s rate of response. Further treatments are suggested according to the clients wishes, their rate of response, their health goals and choice of treatment options. In general the treatment of short- term issues requires fewer treatments. A client with chronic long-term issues can benefit greatly from ongoing bi-weekly to monthly treatments.
  • Are there reasons why I should not be treated with Acupuncture?

    • Generally there are no contraindications to receiving Acupuncture. Some conditions may mean that certain Acupuncture points or treatments are cautioned or contraindicated, and your treatment will be adjusted accordingly. It is important to eat a small meal prior to your Acupuncture treatment.If you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant, please notify your Acupuncturist immediately. There are a few points that are avoided during pregnancy as a precaution. Clients who are taking a prescription blood thinner can receive Acupuncture, however they have a higher chance of getting bruises.
  • Are there any side effects to Acupuncture?

    • Most people feel very relaxed and energized after an Acupuncture treatment. On occasion clients may experience a small bruise or tender area where a needle was inserted. This may present as an itching sensation after the needle is removed, and can be helped by applying pressure for a few minutes after the treatment. We also have arnica gel available for bruises in our clinics. Occasionally the symptoms, usually pain may increase for up to 24 hours, this is called a healing reaction, which can also happen after receiving massage or chiropractic care. After this pain decreases, usually the main health concern is overall improved. If clients experience different or new pain, large bruises, swelling, difficulty breathing, or dizziness after an Acupuncture treatment, we ask them to let us know immediately. The most severe possible but very rare side effect is organ puncture, particularly the lung. Since we only needle the arms and legs in our clinics this is not a possibility.
  • Are the needles sterile or are they being re-used?

    • We only use one time use sterile needles and dispose of them in biohazard containers after the treatment, they are never re-used.
  • What conditions can you treat?

    • We have a general Acupuncture practice with a focus on the treatment of pain. Our specific style of Acupuncture treats painful conditions very well and very fast. Many clients experience a decrease in pain during or right after a treatment. Please see here for conditions treated and information about Allergy Elimination.
  • What training is required for Acupuncturists?

    • Our Associates hold a four year Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine which required more than 3,300 hours of training. Currently most graduates have more than $120,000.00 in student loan debt upon graduation. All of our Associates passed the national board exam NCCAOM and are Licensed Acupuncturists (L.Ac.).
  • What is Dry Needling?

    • This article  explains this technique very well.

About Chinese Herbs

Find out more about Custom Chinese Herbs

  • Are There Side-Effects?

    • All extracts from Evergreen herbs are derived from nature. They do not contain harsh chemicals, alcohol or preservatives, and are very gentle to your system. Each batch is checked for safety against bacteria, fungus and heavy metal. Sensitive patients may experience reactions such as minor stomach discomfort. If such reactions occur, we may recommend the dosage be reduced, taken with food, or we will modify your Custom Chinese Herbal formula.
  • How Should The Herbal Extracts Be Served?

    • Herbal extracts should be taken with warm water on an empty stomach two or three times daily. If you experience stomach upset, take the herbs after meals. Herbs should not be taken with coffee, juice, soda or any other liquids as they may alter the effect of the herbs and possibly produce unwanted results.
  • Can I Take The Herbal Extracts With My Prescription Drugs?

    • Most herbal extracts may be taken by individuals who are also using prescription drugs, without problems. However, it is recommended that herbal extracts be taken on an empty stomach at least two hours apart from the prescription drugs. Please inform us if you are on any medication so we can best advise you what to do to avoid possible herb-drug interaction.
  • Can Children And Elderly Patients Take Herbal Extracts?

    • Yes, children and elderly patients may take herbal extracts. In fact, they get excellent results. We will adjust the dosages depending on age, body weight, specific illness and overall condition.
  • What about Contraindications for Taking Chinese Herbs?

    • Herbs are not recommended during pregnancy or if you are taking Coumadin (Warfarin) to thin your blood. We will also advise you to stop taking your herbs one week prior to any surgery until one week after surgery. If you are receiving Chemotherapy, do not take the herbs three days prior and three days after your Chemotherapy.
  • How Should I Store The Herbal Extracts?

    • Herbal extracts should be stored in cool, dry places away from sunlight and moisture. The UV radiation in sunlight may change the properties of the products. Storage of herbal extracts in a damp or humid environment, such as the kitchen or the bathroom, may lead to “caking” of the powder due to excess moisture.
  • How much do they cost?

    • Each bottle is 100 grams; costs $48 and lasts approximately 2 weeks, so the weekly cost for customized herbs is approximately $23. Herbs cannot be billed to insurances.


  • Do you take insurance? How much will it cost? Do you offer discounts?

    • Please see here for answers.
  • Does Medicare cover Acupuncture?


  • What makes your clinics different?

  • Do we have Lyme in the Gorge?