Dear client,

To log in, please use the email you gave our practice.

You will be able to log in if we have sent you a Patient Health Record (=PHR) invite and you have set up your PHR account by chosing your own password.

Please call us if we have not emailed you a PHR invite or you forgot your password. (541-387-4325 or 541-298-2378)

Please fill out any questionnaires we are sending you prior to your appointment, thanks so much.




We set up this Patient Portal for our practice to offer the following features:

You can view past and upcoming appointments, by clicking on APPOINTMENTS on the left side

You can fill out our questionnaires by clicking on QUESTIONNAIRE on the left side. Please fill out all questionnaires we send you prior to each visit, thanks so much!

You can receive messages from us, by clicking on MESSAGES on the left side. Messages could be a message from one of our team members, a questionnaire notification, a handout or a paid invoice or receipt.

We can send you an unpaid invoice or receipt, you would click on BILLING on the left side. You would be able to pay by using your credit card.

Unfortunately we are not able to offer messaging from clients to our practice or appointment requests via the PHR. Please email us at or call us and we will be happy to assist you.

You may click on WELLNESS on the left and use this section to track your own wellness parameters, they will not be visible by our practice!

Click here for guidance on Patient Portal Registration.

Click here for guidance on Patient Portal Log In.

Click here for Patient Portal FAQ’s.