How We Are Green

Cascade Acupuncture Center is committed to running its business in a way that minimally impacts the environment, while positively impacting the community and its employees.

Efforts we employ to be environmentally sustainable as a business:

Products used:

  • Paper products (TP, hand towels and tissues) as well as office products with as much recycled content as possible, when available.
  • Printing on the back side of any one-sided printed paper: Donated paper, copies produced in our office and any paper which comes in the mail that has only one printed side.
  • Ceramic mugs for complementary tea and water, as opposed to one time use cups.
  • Cloth linens and towels for our Acupuncture and Massage rooms, as opposed to medical table paper.
  • Energy saving light bulbs whenever possible.
  • Scrap paper from mail, whenever possible, for notes.


  • We investigated, and invested in, the most energy efficient electric HVAC system for our remodeled clinic in The Dalles, which was installed by Oregon Equipment Company.
  • We insulated our 1,500 square foot clinic in The Dalles so well that the monthly electric bill is an average of $75/month!
  • We converted the trash and blackberry filled commercial waste land behind our clinic in The Dalles (a 45 year old Laundromat) into a community garden. The garden includes 11 raised beds, a timed sprinkler system and compost from Dirthugger Compost.
  • We have recycling containers, along with trash containers, available in each office space and waiting room so employees and customers can recycle. In addition, used battery collection containers are in each office to keep them out of the trash.

Efforts to positively affect the employees:

  • Team building is achieved through weekly team phone meetings. These meetings include reading the statement of purpose together, sharing pertinent business information, client success stories, and staff appreciations from any team member to another team member.
  • Team dinners, company raft trips, embroidered company logo clothing and annual Secret Santa gift exchange gifts are all paid by Cascade Acupuncture Center.
  • Paid vacations and holidays, medical insurance, Simple IRA participation with company matching contributions, bonuses and yearly raises are all available for employees.

And finally:

At Cascade Acupuncture Center we are honored to offer a service which allows our clients to feel better, naturally. Through the use of Acupuncture treatments, Massage, Custom Chinese Herbs, health, nutrition and lifestyle suggestions, our clients are finding the need for less or no medication at all. This, in turn, reduces the toxic waste in our sewage systems from the production of pharmaceuticals as well as human waste containing pharmaceuticals.

Our clients cope better with stress and are generally happier due to regular Acupuncture and Massage treatments, contributing in many ways to a better world!