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Back Pain
Broken Leg
Car Accident, Jaw Pain and Hypothyroidism
Chronic Back Pain
Knee Pain
Low Back Pain and Drop Foot
Menstrual Cycle
Neck Pain
Poison Oak Allergy
Sports Injuries
Wheat Allergy and Cat Allergy

Allergy Treatment and Elimination


“A friend of mine who has Arthritis as well suggested Acupuncture to me. Before my first treatment, I was truly unable to put my shoes and socks on without serious pain. After only a few treatments, I can report a huge improvement in emotional, spiritual and physical well being. Simply put, Acupuncture really works! Carola can help you, too!”
~ K. P.

“I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) in March of 2000. I had been in Yuma AZ for the winter with the rest of the ‘snowbirds’, when I begun to hurt all over. Especially in my hands, feet, knees and shoulders. When we got home, I went to see a Rheumatologist and that’s when I was told I had RA. He started me on strong doses of Prednisone, and soon the pain was beginning to ease up.

We tried several of the RA medications, most of which were soon taken off the market and there wasn’t much left to treat my pain. He finally put me on Arava, and now I have to go in for monthly lab work to make sure my liver is doing okay, but the pain has remained.

Then in January of 2009, my best friend told me about Cascade Acupuncture Center and I met Carola Stepper, LAc for the first time. She recommended I begin a twice weekly regimen of Acupuncture for six weeks, and then re-evaluate my condition and see if there was any progress with the pain and swelling I have in my hands. It didn’t take the full six weeks before I knew I had found a treatment for my arthritis that required no harmful medications, in fact, no medications at all. I was feeling so much better, the swelling in my hands was going down, the inflammation and redness was better, I was sleeping better, but the greatest thing of all was the pain level had improved so much. I was ecstatic! I continued with the twice a week treatments until mid-April, then went to once a week for four weeks with no noticeable difference in pain levels. Except, of course, when I got out and dug weeds and trimmed roses, etc. But, it was such an acceptable pain because I had caused it, and I didn’t mind “paying” for it.

I am now going to once every two weeks (but this is my first trial for that). In my opinion, the three Acupuncturists at Cascade Acupuncture Center are angels with magic needles and the knowledge to know where they will do the most good. I am so grateful to have them in my life and their profession is miraculous. Thank you for all you’ve done for me and the difference you’ve made in my life.”
~ Theresa Gardner

Back Pain

“I woke myself up snoring, it took me a moment to figure out where I was… My lavender eye pillow reminded me I was getting an Acupuncture treatment. While resting in a leather recliner chair, a massage pad was giving my back a soothing massage with heat, I was wearing headphones that played relaxing music, best of all, the tiny pins in my arms and legs were healing my hurting body. I was told that my body is releasing endorphins during my treatment. They help with my pain, depression and they sure make me relaxed.

I look forward to my treatments every week, this is my one hour of relaxation, my ‘time out’. I don’t really feel the needles being inserted, they are so small. I came to see the Acupuncturist as a ‘last resort’ to get my back pain treated. I’ve had to take pain medications for a long time and cortisone shots and I was still hurting.

I felt better immediately after the first treatment, I couldn’t believe it! Now I have had about eight treatments and I’ve also started taking Chinese Herbs. They are much better on my stomach and I no longer am taking my other pain medication. My pain is so much better; I can move and get around much easier. As an unexpected bonus, I have more energy, my digestion is improved and I sleep better. That’s because it is a holistic medicine, they say it treats the whole body. All of this and it’s covered by my insurance!

I wish someone would have told me about Acupuncture many years ago, my health would be so much better now.”
~ Mary

Broken Leg

“Carola’s treatments have been invaluable for my badly broken leg. Each time she worked on it, I relaxed in a way that was impossible the rest of the time. The best part about having Carola treat me was that I could tell her all the places that I hurt and sometimes there were a lot of places. She even treated my digestive tract and emotions! I know having Carola as part of my healing team has made my recovery happen much faster.”
~ Cindy Morus, Money Coach

Car Accident, Jaw Pain and Hypothyroidism

“I first came to Carola with acute pain in my jaw that I’d had for a couple of years and hypothyroidism. Within months of treatment, the jaw pain disappeared and it has never returned. My hypothyroidism is well under control and I feel my energy levels are high and stable. After a car accident I went to Carola for treatment and within months, felt my body return to normal and the back and rib pain go away. Today, I have no residual side effects from the accident. I attribute much of my successful healing to my treatment sessions with Carola and staff.

The team at Cascade Acupuncture is wonderful. All three Acupuncturists are great about making you feel at ease with the process and they take the time to talk to you and ask questions. They take a whole being approach (body and mind) which makes me feel good that we are tackling not just the symptoms but addressing the causes of the pain or discomfort.”
~ Lisa Mullis

Chronic Back Pain

“As someone who has suffered and struggled with Arthritis and Chronic Back Pain for over 30 years, Acupuncture is part of my regular care plan.So far, nothing from the allopathic methods have helped me overcome or cope with the disability of chronic pain as Acupuncture has. Acupuncture keeps me upright, functional and with less pain.”
~ Linda


“I have been diagnosed with a very rare voice disorder. It causes loss of speaking functions, affecting one’s ability to talk normally. Professionally this has been devastating. The act of talking puts a tremendous stress on my neck, throat and jaw, causing pain and stiffness. Acupuncture has been effective in eliminating those systems. In addition, there is no cure for this disorder, only an invasive, highly uncomfortable injection of Botox into my vocal cords. Unfortunately, the side effects from this treatment have caused me to lose my normal voice entirely for up to 4 months. Before Acupuncture, I was getting the treatments every three months. Since Acupuncture, I have not needed one treatment!

The second benefit I have received from Acupuncture has been for the treatment of depression. For 18 years I have suffered from yearly major depressive episodes lasting for several months. Last year, after beginning Acupuncture treatments, I did not have to take antidepressants. Being drug-free for year has been a miraculous health benefit.

I strongly believe Acupuncture has had a positive impact on my health, both as an intervention and as a maintenance tool.”
~ B.

Knee Pain

“One of my hobbies is playing racquetball and last May, I developed severe tendonitis in my knee which kept me from playing a sport that I love to play. I went to a couple of doctors and got cortisone shots and my symptoms improved somewhat. Over the summer, I did exactly as the doctors ordered me to do, but my knee kept hurting. I had x-rays and an MRI, but doctors couldn’t find tears in my knee so I just kept waiting for it to heal.

I heard from several people that acupuncture can really help sports injuries, so as a hopeful skeptic, I made an appointment with Cascade Acupuncture Center. The first time I went, I noticed a slight improvement. However, over the next 2-3 treatments, my knee pain almost disappeared. I stayed on the treatment plan I was given and I am now pain free and back to playing racquetball and doing all of the other physical things I was unable to do prior to getting acupuncture.

Acupuncture has changed my life and I plan to use it not only when I have physical issues, but also to enhance my overall health.”
~Christine Keith, Racquetball Player, Mom, and Bookkeeper

General Pains

“The team of Acupuncturists at Cascade Acupuncture have helped keep me moving by relieving the stiffness in my knees and legs. Through a partnership with them, my medical doctor and the use of supplements, they keep my “wheels” rolling.

I also had a very dear friend suffer with lung cancer. The pain was serious, but she trusted Carola’s kindness and gentle nature to provide her relief even if it was for a short time before her death.

I recommend Cascade Acupuncture Center because I appreciate the professionalism of all team members and their sincere desire to help with our aches and pains. After my first visit, I hadn’t realized that I was bouncing up the stairs at work without pain. I’d forgotten what it was like.”
~ Mary Gumm

Low Back Pain and Drop Foot

“Several years ago, I injured my lower back and the injury lay hidden until I reinjured it about 4 years ago. This caused severe pain and my left foot to drop. After an operation I was told the drop foot might go away, but didn’t.

I tried physical therapy, shots and pills. You name it! I tried it!!

I had 2 relatives that had tried Cascade Acupuncture Center and highly recommended it. Acupuncture was mentioned during physical therapy and after much “pushing” from the relatives and wife I set up a meeting with Carola.

We started treatment in 2007. The first thing I noticed was the pain in my lower back subsided and went away. I also noticed better motion in my drop foot. I have to give credit to acupuncture as it got better after starting treatment. There was also a lot of praying and mental thought going on.

The staff at Cascade Acupuncture is courteous, competent and very professional. Their office in The Dalles is clean and efficient. (It is also the building where I was born in 1942)

Someday I might be able to throw away the brace I wear on my left leg. My goal is to get back to my old self and enjoy the things I used to be able to do when I could stand without a cane and not fall down without support. I believe acupuncture treatments will help me gain this goal.”
~ Lester D. Cochenour (Les)

Menstrual Cycle

“Acupuncture truly is a holistic approach to Health Care. Initially, I came to Carola Stepper for upper back pain. Not only did my back pain lessen, but my menstrual cycle was regulated as well. This was not a focus of my treatments, yet it happened. In addition, my ability to deal with stress has greatly improved.”
~ K. D.


“Acupuncture has changed my life. It has helped me where traditional medicine has failed. It is relaxing and restful. It has helped with my migraines and other health issues that I thought I was going to have to live with for the rest of my life. Finally there is hope.”
~ Annette Goodman, Esthetician

Neck Pain

“Carola brings an integrity and a healing spirit to her Acupuncture practice. She tunes into her clients and is guided by intellect and intuition. I love that Carola creates a space that allows me to drop deeply into myself. The carefully inserted needles and her mindful presence allow me to find my own inner reservoir of healing energy and power. As a result my neck pain of many, many years is significantly better, I have more energy and sleep so much better.”
~ B.P., Volunteer Coordinator

Poison Oak Allergy

After one Allergy Elimination session with Carola my sensitivity to poison oak has decreased dramatically. Prior to treatment I would get a bad rash and be itchy for days, now I only have a slight itch for a couple of days and no rash!
~ M.G.

Sports Injuries

“I cannot begin to tell you how glad I was to have met the three Acupuncturists at Cascade Acupuncture. They worked on my pains like magic. I had multiple sports injuries which I had incurred years before I came into the clinic. I am pain free now. The kindness they show in her practice and the trust that I gained during the treatments made me feel more and more comfortable. Now when I get injured I feel a sense of security because I know that Cascade Acupuncture will take care of me. Thank you.”
~ Houssein Salman

Wheat Allergy

Imagine … a 50-year old woman who looked pregnant every time she ate wheat.

That was me. And it was awful. Every time I ate my favorite foods: pasta, bread or crackers, my belly would swell until I literally looked 7 months pregnant. After the 3rd embarrassed woman apologized for asking when I was “due”, I realized I WAS due — to do something about my wheat allergy.

In one session, Carola, cured my imbalance, and I now eat all my favorite Italian offerings with gusto. I don’t have to plan what I’m going to wear when I decide to indulge. I simply eat what I love with no worries about inflammation and swelling. What a relief and a joy.
~ Paula Byrne

Cat Allergy

I have had a fairly severe allergy to cats and some dogs for about 20 years. I have taken a number of prescription and over the counter medications without noticeable improvement.
My daughter has a number of animals that irritated my allergies, preventing me to spend much time at her home.
I had 1 allergy elimination session with Carola and I am thrilled to say that I had no symptoms after spending most of the day at my daughter’s home. It is wonderful to be able to spend time with my daughter and grandchildren with comfort.  My only regret is waiting so long to try this.
~ Ruth