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We are a team of Licensed Acupuncturists and office staff who work together to help you: Get Healthier – Naturally.

Update as of 3-23-20: Unfortunately Our clinics will be closed until further notice due to the

Executive Order No 20-12 to Stay Home and Save Lives.

We will update you as soon as more information is available. Thank you for your continued trust and patience, we care about our clients and we miss you!  Please click here to read our COVID announcement to our clients on 3-16 when we closed.

Please support us during the closure:  We are now able to ship select products and supplements to you. Click to learn more.

You can buy Gift Certificates for any amount for yourself or loved ones. They are valid for any of our products or services. Click to learn more.

We are working on TeleMedicine options and will update you when we are ready to launch this.

If you are infected with the Coronavirus, we are unfortunately not able to offer you Chinese Herbs. This document shares our explanation

Please email us at heal@CascadeAcupuncture.org or call us, we are checking messages many times daily Monday through Saturday during our closure.

We have been serving the Columbia Gorge since 2005 with locations in Hood River (541-387-4325) and The Dalles (541-298-2378), Oregon. Between both locations we are open Monday through Saturday every week. Each clinic is wheelchair accessible,  has marked customer parking as well as an ADA parking space and an ADA accessible gender neutral restroom. All of our chairs have arm-rests.

Call or email us for your FREE 15 minute consultation which includes an insurance check and a free mini trial Acupuncture treatment. No charge – no obligation!

Treatment Options: Acupuncture, Custom Chinese Herbs, Allergy Elimination, Auriculotherapy

Many clients choose a combination of Acupuncture and Custom Chinese Herbs, to achieve the best results. In some cases, clients may simply prefer using just one of our treatment options i.e. only Acupuncture or Chinese Herbs alone. However, all Allergy Elimination clients receive Acupuncture treatments as part of the Allergy Elimination protocol.

Check out the article about Carola Stepper, LAc and Allergy Elimination in the Gorge Magazine, Spring 2018:  Nothing to Sneeze At

We also offer Auriculotherapy (Ear Acupressure) treatments.  We teach our clients how to do their own Ear Acupressure treatments and sell ready made Ear Acupressure kits for different health concerns.

We are happy to work with you to provide the best possible service based on your preferences and financial situation.

Our focus is the treatment of pain, however we treat many different conditions. We practice a very effective style of Acupuncture, called Distal Style and only needle below the elbows and the knees, never directly into a painful body area. Our clients only need to remove their shoes and socks and bare their forearms and lower legs and they often experience immediate pain relief!

We offer treatments in private rooms on massage tables with therapeutic heat pads by Shield Life or in our “Big Healing Room” with recliner chairs.  Our electric Zero Gravity recliner chairs have heated Jade Crystals and offer massage as well, check out this video.

Insurance Information, Sliding Fee Scale, Payment Plans, $22 Focus Treatments for Stress

We bill all health insurances with Acupuncture benefits as well as auto insurance, Worker’s Compensation claims, Veteran’s Choice and Oregon Medicaid (Pacific Source Community Solutions).  We have our own experienced billing and insurance authorization specialists. Chinese Herbs, Allergy Elimination, Auriculotherapy or any of our products are not covered by insurances. For clients who don’t have insurance, we offer a sliding fee scale, monthly payment plans (without a credit check or fees) and Happy Hour Acupuncture  treatments, which are focus treatments for stress for only $27.50-$22.

Still feeling hesitant? Please read our client testimonials and call us to schedule your FREE 15 min consultation.

We look forward to helping you reach your highest level of health.

Your Wellness Consultants at Cascade Acupuncture Center

Free Health Lectures

Carola Stepper, LAc, RN retired offers free health lectures in the Columbia Gorge.

Bike or Walk Punch Card

If you bike or walk to your Acupuncture appointments to our clinics in Hood River or The Dalles five times and log it on our Bike/Walk Punch card, we will give you one FREE Happy Hour Acupuncture or Athletic Acupuncture Focus treatment!

If you don’t live in walking distance, you can park 10 or more blocks away and walk and we will “count” it!

Blue Zones information

We are Blue Zones certified and invite you to take the Blue Zones Personal Pledge to live a longer, better life!

Tips to stay Healthy during Cold and Flu Season

Please download our Cold and Flu Handout here.