Community Support

Donation instead of Christmas Cards
Since opening our doors in 2005 we have donated to the United Way of the Columbia Gorge in December in the name of our clients, instead of sending Christmas Cards.  We also donate to the Columbia Gorge Food Bank and Tree of Joy.  This year, 2022, we’d like to add so we ‘re looking for opportunities.  Please send us information at if you know of a any holiday meal service, toy drive needing donations.

1% of net profit goes to local non profit organizations
Since 2011 we have given 1% of our net profit to local nonprofits such as Gorge Owned, Gorge Grown, The Next Door Inc, United Way and others.

Silent Auction Donations
Since 2005 we have given treatment vouchers, valued more than $150 each for silent auctions to each organization who asked us to give – no exceptions. This amounts to about $5000 in services donated each year. Please ask us!

We are there to support our community members affected by traumatic events and their caregivers.
On a smaller scale, as part of our outreach and compassion, we have provided free Acupuncture treatments to individuals affected by large stressors in their lives, such as the loss of a person’s business to a fire and for anybody affected by the local wildfires over the years (Mosier, Rowena, Goldendale), they receive free Happy Hour Acupuncture treatments, focused on stress for one month.

Featuring a local Non Profit in our Newsletter
Each month we highlight a local Non Profit, giving them an outreach opportunity. Additionally each employee and volunteer of those organization get a free Happy Hour Acupuncture treatment during “their” month. Please ask us!

We make our services accessible for most anyone.
Annually, in honor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine day, we offer Acupuncture Treatments, at no charge, which allows people to experience the beauty of what Acupuncture can offer, without financial barriers.  Please contact us today about our programs!

We are proud members of our local Chambers and Gorge Owned

  • Hood River County Chamber of Commerce: 800-366-3530
  • Mount Adams Chamber of Commerce: 866-493-3630
  • Skamania County Chamber of Commerce: 509-427-8911
  • The Dalles Area Chamber of Commerce: 541-296-2231
  • Greater Goldendale Area Chamber of Commerce: 509-773-3400
  • Gorge Owned 541-490-7365