Reclining Chairs

We have Zero Gravity recliner chairs which have heated Jade Crystals and massage, check out this video,

Two of them are in our Hood River clinic and one is in our clinic in The Dalles. Additionally we have multiple comfortable leather recliner chairs. All chairs are in individual treatment rooms. Some rooms have one recliner chair, some have two, some have a recliner chair and a massage table, it is the client’s choice. We treat one client at a time in each of our treatment rooms.

Ambient, relaxing music is playing in all treatment rooms.

Each recliner chair features a call button, in case a client needs to reach our staff. Many people, especially the elderly or those with painful conditions report being more comfortable in recliner chairs than on a massage table during their treatments. Some clients fall asleep!

A private consultation room is always available to discuss your medical information, or we might talk to you inside the treatment room while you sit in a recliner chair.

We also offer treatments on massage tables in each of our clinics. They are always scheduled on the top of the hour.

COVID-19 has brought about a lot of change and loss in most areas of our lives. One small loss in the big picture is the loss of our “Big Healing Rooms” which we have loved and many of our clients loved since 2005.

We have remodeled both of our clinics during our COVID closure, so we have individual treatment rooms, with either one recliner chair, one massage table or two recliner chairs or one recliner chair and one massage table. However only one person at a time will be treated in each treatment room. All recliner chairs and massage tables are covered with sheets during the treatment, see images below. The images without the sheets are just to show you our recliner chairs, each clinic has at least one Zero Balance Recliner Chair with built in massage and heated jade crystals.