“ I haven’t felt the need to see an Acupuncturist.”

Carola Stepper, LAc doing an initial medical intake prior to the client’s first Acupuncture treatment. Due to COVID we are currently doing medical intakes while the client is in their car in our parking lot.

I have been to many outdoor events with a booth, talking to people about Acupuncture.  “ I haven’t felt the need to see an Acupuncturist.” was one of the lines I heard often.

I understand where they were coming from. They look at me as a medical provider, maybe a “specialist” of some sort. My guess is many people see their Primary Provider yearly for a physical, however many will see their Primary Provider mainly when they have symptoms. If people have never seen an Acupuncturist, they may or may not have information about when to see an Acupuncturist.

For example people would probably know that ongoing foot pain is not normal, they would hopefully see their Primary Provider and then possibly be referred to a Foot Doctor (Podiatrist).

Symptoms trigger many people to see their medical providers.

So, many people don’t seem to have a “symptom” which they associate with a need to see an Acupuncturist!

The World Health Organization has a long list of conditions which Acupuncture can treat, proven by evidence based studies.

Our clients see us mainly for pain or stress related conditions

Our clients come to see our Acupuncturists  mainly for pain anywhere in the body (low back, sciatica, neck, upper back, hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow, wrist, headaches, migraines, abdominal pain, menstrual cramps and more) as well as anxiety, depression, fatigue, insomnia, menopause, respiratory and digestive problems, food and environmental allergies and more.

Acupuncture is holistic

Acupuncture has been a holistic medicine for over 3000 years! This means to me that a client might come in for back pain, after a few treatments they report their back pain is improved, but they also noticed they sleep better, they don’t feel so stressed anymore and their digestion is improved!

It is fine to see an Acupuncturist without having a symptom!

We welcome clients who do not have major symptoms, but want to stay at their optimal level of health and use regular Acupuncture treatments as part of their health and self care routine. We welcome clients who “just want us to treat their stress”! That’s great and very wise, since stress typically makes any existing health concerns worse, so getting help with how stress affects one’s body and mind is a great preventative measure! We welcome clients who are simply curious about Acupuncture and want to try it out.

We offer Relief, Correction and Maintenance Care

All of them affect the level of functioning of the body. Maintenance Care is offered after the highest level of functioning is reached. We suggest monthly treatments, and compare this to the oil change in the car or the teeth cleanings at the dentist – one wouldn’t just stop them thinking they are done now and don’t need them any longer.

Acupuncture is part of Complementary or Alternative Medicine (=CAM)

Our clients use us either as a complement or as an alternative to their regular medical care. I firmly believe in using the best of what either Western Medicine or any Alternative Medicine has to offer, sometimes that means both and sometimes that means one first, then the other. It also all depends on the personal choice of the client, their phase of healing or rehab and on financial choices.

All of our clients have a Primary Care Provider, since Acupuncturists in Oregon and Washington cannot be Primary Care Providers. (For example in California they can be Primary Care Providers, they have a different state law).

We are honored to receive referrals from local Medical Offices 

We co-treat many clients with their Primary Care Providers. The vast majority of our clients self refer to our offices. Only two insurances (Worker’s Comp and Oregon Medicaid /PSCS) require a referral, however we really appreciate working in conjunction with other local providers.

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