Can you help me / my husband / my wife / my child / my co-worker with allergies?

Don’t we all know somebody who has seasonal allergies?

Various Vaccines

These are our test vials we use to test and treat clients with allergies. They are never opened, or injected, the clients only holds them in their hand.









We get these questions often, our answer is: Yes!

We offer three different modalities, all of which can help seasonal or environmental allergies:

Acupuncture, Custom Chinese Herbs and Allergy Elimination.

Additionally, Allergy Elimination, together with Acupuncture can help with food allergies.

This Time Magazine article summarizes some studies comparing Acupuncture and antihistamines for the treatment of seasonal allergies.

This article in Acupuncture Today shares information about a study which evaluates the treatment of seasonal, allergic rhinitis with Acupuncture as well as Chinese Herbs.

We offer customized Chinese Herbs in granule (powder) form in our clinics; this style of dispensing medicine is comparable to a compound pharmacy in Western Pharmacology: The medicine / herbs are mixed specifically per client to address their health concerns.

Allergy Elimination

Allergy Elimination is based on NAET which stands for Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique.
Devi S. Nambudripad, MD, DC, LAc, PhD, (Acu.), the originator of this remarkable technique wrote this book, amongst others:                                     Say Good- Bye to Illness. It has countless client testimonials from clients who’s allergies in all different organ systems were helped by NAET treatments.

Seasonal Allergy Testimonial

One of our clients had life-long seasonal allergies. They received Allergy Elimination treatments for trees, weeds, grasses and dust, a total of four sessions. They reported 80% improvement in their usual allergy symptoms, while they were using 70% less over the counter medications and their worst symptoms only occurred over two months, which was shorter than prior to receiving their treatments. Most ideally treatments for seasonal allergies are received when no pollen are in the air, such as January and February. However we have helped allergy sufferers every month of the year!

Food Allergy Testimonial

Another client had Chron’s Disease, a severe inflammation of the small intestine. They came to us, eating a very limited diet, which still flared up their symptoms at times. Additionally they were pale and had lost weight. After ten sessions in ten weeks of Allergy Elimination and Acupuncture, addressing many food sensitivities and food allergies they had, they had gained weight and muscle, had a healthy skin color, more energy than they had in years plus were eating more different kinds of foods than they had eaten in years. They were able to reduce the strong prescription medications as well as the flare ups they used to have.  From our experience, clients with milder digestive symptoms will need fewer sessions.

What does an Allergy Elimination Session entail?

This is my own summary of how we practice Allergy Elimination at Cascade Acupuncture Center.

The technique we use, typically only needs to clear each allergen once. The following session is focused on a different allergen or group of related allergens, such as all grasses which are allergens for a client.
To our knowledge, we have not had clients in our clinics who have had side effects from their allergy elimination treatments.
We muscle test different vials, this is also called Applied Kinesiology.
The vials contain water and alcohol and the electromagnetic signature of the allergen, serving as a placeholder for the actual substance.
These vials are never opened and our clients only need to hold them gently.
We have 750 different vials available for testing and clearing allergens in our clinics.

We have treated many children with seasonal or food allergies and helped them feel better.

Adults receive an Acupuncture treatment after their Allergy Elimination session, children receive Acupressure instead.

Many of our clients have been happy and often surprised by the fast and significant results of their treatments!

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