Winter weather injuries


What a winter it has been! We have had quite a few of our clients tell us they have achy backs, shoulders, necks or elbows due to too much shoveling. We have also had a few who fell and injured themselves. We have had one who fell at work and will receive Acupuncture under their workman’s compensation insurance coverage (referral needed!) One had a car accident due to inclement weather and will receive Acupuncture treatments which are covered under their car insurance personal injury protection policy, no referral needed! While all of this is unfortunately all too common, we can safely help all of them with Acupuncture treatments, especially with our very effective style, only needling below the elbows and knees, never needling directly into the painful area.Please call us if you have questions or would like a free consultation and please share – somebody else might be grateful they heard about this information! Thank you.


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