Gratitude for not being paralyzed



Today, ten years ago I fell off my mountain bike and injured my neck. It was the same mechanism of injury which can lead to paralysis – I was just incredibly lucky. During the following weeks I did everything I knew to help heal my neck: Energy work, Massage, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Physical Therapy, Chinese Herbs, Chinese liniments, rest and lots of prayer and envisioning complete healing.

It worked – and I have told this story to many clients and suggested a multi disciplinary treatment approach to them. Some were a bit surprised and thought it was “extreme”, well I’d rather call it “a conservative treatment approach focused on fast and complete healing”. Many have thanked me later, they followed my advice and received more than one modality at the same time and healed better and faster.

Ten years ago I asked “What am I supposed to do with my life, which I could not have done if I would have been paralyzed? What is my purpose?” The answer came really clearly: “ Do more of what you are already doing!”

I had been practicing as an independent Acupuncturist in a few locations for four years prior to this injury. Two months after the injury I opened Cascade Acupuncture Center in Hood River, one year later in The Dalles and two years ago in Stevenson, WA. Today I am in gratitude for my health, all the support I have had during the last ten years, our amazing clients and off course our Cascade Acupuncture Center team of employees – all 12 of them!


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 Our whole Acupuncturist team, Carola, Mike, John, Brittani and Scott attended a weekend seminar on a specialized Chinese Medical Pulse Diagnosis and herbs in WA with Robert Doane, EAMP, LAc. He runs the largest Acupuncture practice in the US. He also teaches Doane’s Pulse Diagnosis as well as Distal Needling Style to Acupuncturists. It was an amazing opportunity to study with him and only 14 other students, so we had lots of practice time and one on one attention.

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(Client stories from our three clinics – off course no identifying information will be used)

 Every ten visits we do a Re-Exam with our clients. Last week one client told me: My pain is 50 % better, initially I was unable to adapt to stress, this is now 75 % better, my neuropathy is 25% better. “I feel like a different person!”


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 Multiple clients told me that they slept really well after starting to take Magnesium at night, per the Magnesium handout for our clients. Other’s reported great results with feeling more relaxed and having much less restless legs at night. I finally tried it myself – I am sleeping so well since I am taking Magnesium, it actually surprised me!  We sell Tri-Magnesium by “Integrative Therapeutics” 90 caps, 300 mg each per bottle for $20.90. Available to anybody, one does not need to be a client of Cascade Acupuncture Center.


(I have taught a one day business class to Acupuncturists since 2009, including at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland, OR. I plan on sharing information and thoughts on one topic in each blog post)

 The class I teach has 36 business topics. I will start with the first one here:

First things first: What is your purpose? Your purpose for your profession, your purpose for your business? Is your purpose posted in your business, visible for your clients and others who work with you? How is it stated, meaning what is it focused on? No matter which phase you are in with your business, if you do not have a written purpose, I suggest consider spending some time to write one. If you have one, consider reading it again to see if it still feels right or might need some changes. Here is our purpose.


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 The Dalles – Wednesday, June 15th

Eliminate Low Back Pain & Sciatica

While nearly everyone will experience low back pain, there are several factors that can be controlled to prevent or eliminate it. Attend this FREE workshop and discover what measures you can take so low back pain doesn’t take its toll on your body and diminish your heath.

This workshop, which starts at 7pm, will be held at the Cascade Acupuncture Center clinic, located at 1712 E 12th Street. Call 541-298-2378 to register, or email

Stevenson – Monday, July 20th

Improve Athletic Performance & Repair Injuries

Adventurers have a special spirit and zeal for life. Unfortunately, your body does have limitations.

Knowing how to prevent injuries for the active person is the best defense for staying at the top of your game. This workshop is designed to show you how to drastically enhance your athletic performance and how to significantly reduce injuries so you DO NOT lose those gains. This FREE workshop, which starts at 7pm, will be held at the Cascade Acupuncture Center clinic in Stevenson, located at 40 SW Cascade Ave, # 40. Call 509-637-3163 to register or email


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