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We are a team of Licensed Acupuncturists, Licensed Massage Therapists and office staff who work together to help you Get Healthier - Naturally.

Cascade Acupuncture Center proudly serves the Columbia Gorge community with clinics in Hood River, The Dalles and Stevenson.

We offer Acupuncture, Allergy Elimination, Custom Chinese Herbs and Massage.

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Many of our clients tell us they hesitated for a long time before trying Acupuncture. Once they experienced the great improvements to their health, through a natural modality, they wished they would have seen us first! Now they are sending us their friends and family, which is the greatest compliment of all.

The modalities we offer at Cascade Acupuncture Center are Acupuncture treatments, Allergy Elimination, Massage and Custom Chinese Herbal Formulas.

We currently have over 270 Traditional Chinese Herbal Formulas and Single Herbs in our Chinese Herbal Pharmacy, ready to serve the people in the Columbia Gorge to get well naturally.

Chinese Herbal Pharmacy

Many clients choose Acupuncture, Massage and Custom Chinese Herbs, achieving the best results. Some conditions are better suited to be treated with Acupuncture and Massage together, others with Acupuncture and Custom Chinese Herbs together. Some clients prefer to use only Acupuncture treatments, or only Massage, while others prefer only Custom Chinese Herbs. We are happy to work with you and your preferences and financial situation.

Acupuncture treatments are gentle, safe and effective, based on the 3000 year old practice of Chinese Medicine. We offer a General Acupuncture Practice with a focus on the treatment of pain. Our treatment style uses tiny sterile needles placed mainly below the elbows and knees that often offer instant results. This style of Acupuncture also enables us to treat in our unique and comfortable recliner chairs with heated massage pads in addition to treatments on massage tables. Please read about us to learn more about our individual practitioners.

Still feeling hesitant? Please read about Acupuncture and our client testimonials to learn more about how Acupuncture might be able to help your health condition. We also offer a Free Consultation where you have an opportunity to talk more about your specific needs.

We bill all health insurances with Acupuncture benefits as well as auto insurance and Worker's Compensation claims. Generally no MD referral is required to see an Acupuncturist through insurance. We offer insurance verification as well as a sliding fee scale and monthly payment plans to make our treatments available to as many people as possible.

If you have questions about Acupuncture, Massage or Chinese Herbs, our staff is always willing to answer your questions.

We look forward to helping you reach your highest level of health.
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The Cascade Acupuncture Center Team