Welcome to our updated website and new blog!

Welcome to our updated website and new blog!

My name is Carola Stepper and I am the owner of Cascade Acupuncture Center. Originally from Germany, from a town in Bavaria, the size of Hood River I have made Oregon my home since 1995 and the Gorge since 2002.  I have many different roles in our company: Visionary, CFO, Human Resources/Employer, Acupuncturist, Public Relations and I just added a new one: Blogger!

What can you expect from our blog?

My goal is to post relevant clinic news and images, health related articles, information about our free lectures, links to our bi-weekly newsletter little bits of information about myself in my different roles (expect alternative medical as well as business topics) client comments (without names) , stories about our community support as well as articles and information from our team members!

Did you know we are a team of thirteen? Learn more about us here.

Our team! Mike Svoboda, LAc is missing in this image.

Our team! Mike Svoboda, LAc is missing in this image.

I plan on posting two to four times per month. Multiple topics will be combined in each post, so you don’t get email notifications for just one topic.

Please bear with me as I grow in my newest role as blogger and feel free to let me know which topics would be of interest to you. After reading a few “how to blog” articles I’d actually like to keep each post below the “suggested” 700 words – I value your time, oh and mine!

It is done: Our updated, mobile friendly website – We are very excited!

I am saying good bye to an extra 4-6 hours per week of working on the website remodel project since March – many thanks to Lauren, Matt, Dave, Susan, Mike and Van for your help, Peter Marbach  for the stunning image of the Gorge, Melanie McCloskey, Ray Perkins, Danielle Levario and Peter Paul Rubens for the other images.

We hope you like it – please let us know what you think!

I am planning on spending some of those newly regained hours at the weekly training of the Columbia Gorge Tri club – three sports: swimming, biking and running in one evening seems to make perfect sense to me, after all I created and now work in three clinics each week! (Yes, I am laughing at myself, and no, I did not say I was fast at any of those sports.) I appreciate the camaraderie and support of this group of people and I wouldn’t do those three sports in one night on my own!

Upcoming lectures

Improve Athletic Performance & Repair Injuries

Wednesday, June 10th in The Dalles

Knowing how to prevent injuries for the active person is the best defense for staying at the top of your game. This workshop is designed to show you how to drastically enhance your athletic performance and how to significantly reduce injuries so you DO NOT lose those gains.

Call 541-298-2378 to register for this FREE workshop.

Learn To Treat Trigger Points

Monday, June 15th in Stevenson

Pain sufferers are invited to come learn how to reduce muscle tension through Trigger Point Therapy. Those attending will learn natural approaches to the treatment and prevention of pain and discomfort.  You are encouraged to bring a partner if you can.

Call 509-637-3163 to register for the FREE workshop.

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